Pre-Booking Promotion Details

In order to receive the 10% off, it must be for the originally scheduled appointment. Only exception is if the appointment was changed by the salon. In this case, a note will be made for the new appointment that the 10% will be honored for that appointment.

There are only two times per year to renew: January and July. If client misses one of these two months, say January, client must wait until July of that year to pre-book for the 10% discount. Client is welcome to pre-book if they missed one of those 2 months, but the 10% will not apply for those appointments.

The card must be presented at time of service.If you were not given a card or have lost your card, next appointment please let our assistants know and they will be happy to make you a new card with your upcoming appointments.

The services originally scheduled are given the 10% off. Any additional services performed on that same day and time are charged at the regular price.
(eg: client has a retouch that they had booked 6 months out for, but that particular day they also get a few foils...they will receive 10% off the retouch, but the few foils will not be applicable to the 10% off).

10% off only applies to appointments booked at least every six weeks out, less weeks are fine, more then six do not apply to the program.

If original appointment or an additional appointment is created or recreated from services originally scheduled, these are not applicable as part of the 10% pre-booking program. (eg: if client x is pre-booked out 6 + months for a retouch and shaping but changes their appointment day and time to a different service then a retouch and shaping, then the 10% does not apply. Client x will be charged for the cost of the service they received without a discount. A different example would be if client z is booked out and adds an appointment in between, even multiple times, between the original pre-booked appointments, then those particular appointments will be charged at their regular prices and no discount will be given).

Pre-booking promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions.

If you have any additional questions pertaining to our pre-booking program, please email us at and we will be happy to assist you.

It must be noted that the pre-booking program has not changed, it is simply being more tightly enforced to the original rules for the purposes of clarity, organization and simplicity.