Why You Want to Avoid Using Box Color

Box color:

YOUR HAIR: The first 85% is comprised of protein and moisture. Only 1% of your hair strand is natural melanin/pigment. If those are off, the color will be off.

  • May not "take" to portions of your hair.
  • May not be the appropriate shade for your hair.
  • May be the wrong peroxide strength for your hair.
  • Your hair may end up multiple colors.
  • May not be applied the same for everyone.
  • Could cause extreme breakage if being applied to the same areas over and over.
  • You will be left with going to a professional to have them fix it. You will spend more then if you would have trusted a professional in the beginning.  

Box Color Ads:

  • We know that the celebrity color does not do their color for the shoot. There is a professional hairdresser taking care of their hair.
  • In the salon, it may take 2 or 3 different colors mixed together to make the perfect shade of haircolor. Techniques are what a “box” at home haircolor cannot provide.
  • Do you think that the celebrities used in the ads color their hair at home using boxed hair color?
  • The box color brands do offer different gadgets for highlights and lowlights, however it is when it is time to repeat the process that it is a lot harder then it appears.
  • Not all stylists are “haircolorists”.  Working with a color and understanding the “laws of color” are what make working with a color specialist worth it.  The color spectrum is much like the rainbow.
  • There are so many factors to take into account when coloring your hair. What is the percentage of grey hair do you have? Does your hair have an extreme amount of warm (brassy) undertones?
  • The foremost reason we never recommend buying box color is that there is no customized care hidden inside its cardboard shape. Professional personal stylists use their considerable education and experience to determine, among other things, what would be best for the overall condition and health of your hair. Choosing the perfect hue to accentuate your cut is essential, as hair color will always be the best accessory to complete a fantastic cut. This kind of personal care cannot be purchased in a box.

It is not so much that the “box- at home haircolor” is bad, as it is really hard to apply evenly, select the right corrective shades and repeat the process the second time.

It can be easy to run to the grocery store and buy one of the many "soft brunette" or "ash blonde" box colors with a happy and satisfied-looking model on the front. Unfortunately, easy does not equate with safe or effective.

Clients who have been coloring their hair themselves for even a short time will find that their hair has become brittle, flat, sometimes metallic-looking, and often broken.  Metallic dye is the key ingredient inside these box colors, and is harmful with repeated or excessive use and very difficult to remove. The price of box color usually indicates the amount of cheap chemicals and detergents used.

Keeping the integrity, health and beauty of the hair in mind is our main goal in correcting any difficult color situation.

Saving money by purchasing box color will only create more expensive problems in the future.

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